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Always ready to help, Mrs. Bradley smiles wide while helping clean up the cafeteria.

What Ms. Bradley Does and How She Cares for Bromfield

Naomi Linde, Staff Writer January 10, 2023

People wonder—what exactly is Ms. Lisa Bradley’s job? Ask her yourself and you’ll get a myriad of answers. Before she became a mother, Bradley started out as a kindergarten teacher’s assistant,...

Mr. Greene offers a unique approach to administration at The Bromfield School.

Mr. Greene Pursues a Variety of Goals for School Improvement

Naomi Linde, Writer November 3, 2022

Often, students see their principals as either pushovers or people who are extremely strict. However, Mr. Stephen Greene is neither of those things. He self-describes as “[the NBA] stats guy.” He wants...

Ms. Murphy posing in front of the map in her office.

Ms. Murphy Continues Living Her Truth

Naomi Linde, Writer November 3, 2022

“Be authentic. Don’t try to be someone you’re not,” advises new principal Kim Murphy. These wise words are for students, and they could not fit her more. Principal Murphy comes from Chelsea,...

Snow smiles in front of motivational posters in her classroom

New 7th grade English Teacher Contributes DEI Insight

Naomi Linde, Staff Writer December 16, 2021

Ms. Catherine Snow, the new 7th grade English teacher at Bromfield, wants to develop student relationships through focusing on social-emotional learning and bringing awareness to different cultures and...

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