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Bromfield middle-schoolers Lily Finch, Bianca Bazarnic, Avery Lohin (front), Elena Frohn, Nolan Ward, Grace Li, Clementine Roy, Jane Besse, Thalia Ruark, and Jackie Beauchamin (back) perform James and The Giant Peach.

Bromfield’s Dual Musical Production

February 14, 2023

This year, there wasn’t just one fall play, but two! The Bromfield Drama Society put on wonderful performances on November 19th, 20th, and 21st for an audience full of teachers, family, and friends....

Bromfield Building Renovations Turn Heads

Maya Ivanov, Staff Writer February 2, 2023

The Bromfield High School has been up and running since the early 1960s– which many claim is evident in its appearance. Bromfield is an impressive school with stellar academic programs, erudite faculty,...

Vaping is a very topical issue at the moment, and even Bromfield is not immune to these kinds of e-cigarettes.

Ms. Bradley Discusses Formation of the “Anti-Vaping Task Force”

January 26, 2023

Ms. Bradley is fast becoming a familiar face in the Bromfield hallways. It seems like she is always present, no matter where you go, smiling and waving to everyone. However, her job description is much...

Always ready to help, Mrs. Bradley smiles wide while helping clean up the cafeteria.

What Ms. Bradley Does and How She Cares for Bromfield

Naomi Linde, Staff Writer January 10, 2023

People wonder—what exactly is Ms. Lisa Bradley’s job? Ask her yourself and you’ll get a myriad of answers. Before she became a mother, Bradley started out as a kindergarten teacher’s assistant,...

A corner of the Bromfield cafeteria_ now vending machine-less.

What Happened to the Vending Machines?

November 3, 2022

The vending machines in the Bromfield cafeteria were well-loved by students. Sophomore Savannah Senykoff says “[they] were such a staple of my lunch.” Yet, after being online and the return to in-person...

The atrium offers a potential new space for seniors to congregate.

There are Many Fishbowls in the Sea

Olivia Muller-Juez, Writer November 3, 2022

At the end of the 2021-22 school year, the Fishbowl was transformed into a private space for students who receive special education services, which worried many students anticipating that senior privilege....

Mr. Greene offers a unique approach to administration at The Bromfield School.

Mr. Greene Pursues a Variety of Goals for School Improvement

Naomi Linde, Writer November 3, 2022

Often, students see their principals as either pushovers or people who are extremely strict. However, Mr. Stephen Greene is neither of those things. He self-describes as “[the NBA] stats guy.” He wants...

Ms. Murphy posing in front of the map in her office.

Ms. Murphy Continues Living Her Truth

Naomi Linde, Writer November 3, 2022

“Be authentic. Don’t try to be someone you’re not,” advises new principal Kim Murphy. These wise words are for students, and they could not fit her more. Principal Murphy comes from Chelsea,...

McManus and Hoorneman Discuss Impetus for Tile Mural

McManus and Hoorneman Discuss Impetus for Tile Mural

Matt Zobbi, Editor-in-Cheif November 3, 2022

On November 25th, 2016, the rock which so many Bromfield seniors have decorated over the years was defiled with swastikas, slurs, and other hateful symbols. The outcry was immediate, and after the rock...

Reminiscing with Mrs. Correnty

Lauren Stoller, Staff Writer June 15, 2022

Earlier this year, long-time elementary and middle school art teacher Sharon Chandler Correnty began her retirement, starting a new chapter of her life with her husband, also recently-retired chef Paul...

Kelley takes a break from her day at Hildreth Elementary school.

Mrs. Kelley Completes Her Beloved Career

Lauren Stoller, Staff Writer June 2, 2022

At the end of this school year, beloved Hildreth Elementary School gym teacher Barbi Kelley will retire, finishing her 33-year-long teaching career. Though very excited to begin the next chapter of...

Zimmer is all smiles as she teaches a warm-up activity to students.

Bromfield Bids Adieu to Mrs. Zimmer

Lauren Stoller, Staff Writer June 2, 2022

This June, the Bromfield community will say goodbye to longstanding math teacher Margaret Zimmer, who has spent the entirety of her 23-year teaching career in Harvard. Mrs. Zimmer is very excited about...

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