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A bird admires the reawakening spring scene.

Spring Nature Photos

Jordan Hoover, Photographer June 7, 2022

Students put on extravagant performances during Lip Sync

Students put on extravagant performances during Lip Sync

Beau Rehm, Photographer June 7, 2022

  Bromfield Model United Nations hosts an exciting, fun, music-filled, evening event on May 24th. The 8th annual Lip Sync Battle included 11 performances and six judges. In 1st place was Alexander...

Being Black at Bromfield

Jordan Colon, Author June 7, 2021

As one of possibly a handful of black students, surprisingly, I am rarely included in the crucial conversations that are so relevant to me. Although I think as a senior, sharing my experience at this point...

Art by Lin Lin Yu

“Pursuit of Promise”

Lin Lin Yu, Artist June 4, 2021

When emotions from my childhood resurface, I find myself longing to reconcile with the place I was raised in. Only until a few years ago did I realize that I belong in both America and China, living with...

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