“Pursuit of Promise”

When emotions from my childhood resurface, I find myself longing to reconcile with the place I was raised in. Only until a few years ago did I realize that I belong in both America and China, living with the accumulation of what used to be clashing beliefs and morals. But no matter what, I feel no betrayal or resentment from either home. In fact, I’m proud of the emerging upstanders who are doing everything in their power to empower everyone. 

Looking back, I remember all of the gestures from the people who launched us forward. I think of my ancestors from China and Taiwan who are watching over us. I think of what my family has done for my brothers and I to be here in America. I think of the Linlin who they have always accepted and nurtured, the one who is slow with math, mediocre in Mandarin, and passionate about art. Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, my brothers—I want to keep you safe. 

Looking ahead, I know I need to fight for my community, for my family, and for myself.

And so do you.