Teacher Correspondences


Jackie Walker

The unlucky student anxiously awaits a response.

To: Mrs. XXXX

Subject: Regarding the Grading Choices on my Most Recent Assessment


Hello Mrs. XXXX,

I am contacting you in regards to the grade that I have received on the recent Chapter 4 test that you have given us. As you are most likely aware, my score on that assessment has been, to put it bluntly, below my expectations. Looking back, I do believe that my grasp on some of the concepts discussed, such as integrals, derivation, and tangent lines, was clearly sub-par, and I am terribly sorry for having forced you to grade such an abhorrent excuse of an examination that demonstrates a clear lack of perspicacity. I do believe that my score on this test is incredibly important to keeping my grade at an acceptable level, rather than this unfortunate mark on my student record. I recognize that you do not offer test retakes, however, given these circumstances, I do think it is in my best interests to come and see you after school on Thursday (in order to receive extraneous help), with the goal of increasing my score that I have received on this assessment. I hope that, for the good of us both, you can find it in your heart to give me a second chance. I recognize the patent absurdity of that statement, however, I believe that I am deserving of such a request. What is your opinion on this matter? A prompt response would be appreciated.


Matthew Zobbi

To: Matthew Zobbi

Subject: [no subject]



– Mrs. XXXX

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