Awful Club Ideas


Jackie Walker

The rock climbing club scales their newfound moutain: the school building

Matt Zobbi, Staff Writer

Wait, I can’t just say “heehoo COVID funny” anymore? Aw man. Well, here are some dreadful club ideas for you to chew on. 

  • Hacking Club: Raided by the IT department and was shut down.
  • Putting up Chairs Club: Relive your inner third grader! Show how much of a big boy you are.
  • Shoe Buying Club: Removed for being too ranty. I don’t wanna lose my job. -Ed.
  • Cooking Club: A grease fire’s just a wood fire with extra steps, right? 
  • Bromfield Doesn’t Care: Go away. We hate you.
  • Varsity CAD Team: Brush up on your mouse-wielding skills with precision clicking.
  • Rock Climbing Club: Had the police called on them when they realized they had nowhere to practice except the side of the school.
  • Tautology Club: Tautology Club meets every day that Tautology Club meets.
  • THE Club: Nobody knows anything about it. It just is. Everyone’s in it. Do not attempt to leave.
  • Cheese Tasting Club: I actually saw this on a trip to WPI. College is weird.