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A Magical Musical: Saying Goodbye to Seniors

Joe Donahue
CC Juliano and Jack Magan acting as Belle and the Beast

This year, Bromfield’s school-wide spring musical was Beauty and The Beast. The classic, beloved story became a live-action fantasy all thanks to the Drama Society. For the graduating seniors of 2023, this was their final show at the school. A wonderful ceremony of appreciation and recognition took place after the very last performance, on Sunday, Mar 19. The event was quite emotional for many people, so here is what the 12th-grade cast has to say about it:


Overall, how was your experience of being in Beauty and The Beast?

CC Juliano, who starred as Belle, says, “It was a dream come true.” She explains getting to meet so many new people, which made the production team feel like one big family. The actor of the infamous Beast, Jack Magan, agrees that it was really nice to have the whole school involved and said that his experience in the musical was “awesome.” Jack and CC also mention how great it was to be in the show with each other as they have been best friends for years. Magan additionally comments that it was the perfect show to end with the two of them. For some of the senior actors like Ally Redinger, Siena Stanten, and Lana Ostazewski, this was one of the school productions, if not the first, that created an even more interesting and amazing experience for them to be involved in.


What was the process of putting on a school-wide musical like?

Kai Oldham, who played Lefou, explains how the musical felt like a pause on life. He shares, “Waking up, it was theater. Going to bed, it was theater.” Additionally, CC mentions that it was a long process that was put together in pieces first.  It is also the biggest show she has been a part of with about 60 people in the cast, 40 in the pit and crew, and two directors in charge of it all. Ally Redinger, who played one of the silly girls, says, “Some people may have seen the large cast as an obstacle but I saw it as something that enhanced the show even more!” The actor of Mrs. Potts, Siena Stanten, adds, “So many different aspects of Bromfield were represented [which] bring unique perspectives that an only high school or only middle school production may lack.” Lana Ostazewski, the actor of Gaston, agrees with Jack that the whole organization could be pretty chaotic at some moments, but in the end, the final product was certainly worth the stress.


What did you enjoy most, or what was your favorite part of being in the show?

To Lana, CC, and Siena, the people are what stood out as one of the best aspects; they really enjoyed spending time with everyone in the cast and crew. Lana says she was able to make connections from hanging out with people for three hours a day, and CC strongly expresses the value of friendships and love within the theater environment. On the other hand, Jack was most interested in his role. He says, “[A] sad, serious, scary character was something I could work on.” And since it is a kind of persona he is not used to playing, there was a lot more that he was able to learn about and enjoy from such a  newer experience.


What’s the favorite role you’ve played or musical you’ve been in?

For Jack, it was the role of the bellboy in Titanic, but he also says it could be this one (the Beast). Acting as a person so different from herself, Lana’s favorite role had to be Gaston, the complete opposite of her true character. Additionally, Siena really enjoyed playing Mrs. Potts in this show, and Kai mentions that the peak of his acting career was in Guys and Dolls. CC also explains that Belle is her favorite by far, but she loved playing Maria from The Sound of Music last year as well.


What was it like knowing that this was your last performance at Bromfield?

All the seniors felt very emotional knowing this was their last time acting on the Cronin Auditorium stage, but some more than others. CC thinks it was a great last experience, and shares that it is “truly the end of an era.” Kai reveals that it was surreal to be the old kid, surrounded by 6th graders and that he was counting down the days in his mind continuously thinking about how he, as well as the other class of 2023 students, will not be here next year. He also brings up the fact that it is the “last chance before college to show development as an actor and a person,” and wonders if this final musical reflects accurate progression from when he began acting at a young age. To Lana, it was fun and felt like a great accomplishment, yet it is still bittersweet. With this being Siena and Ally’s first show, they both thought it was a unique experience and are really glad they took up the last opportunity. In addition, Jack explains how it was a perfect way to conclude the year, but the whole concept was definitely sad and a little scary. 


How do you think you have grown as a person and as an actor throughout your time here at Bromfield?

The world of theater creates a family for the actors involved and serves as a comfortable place they can all return to, no matter how much experience they have. When Ally approached auditions with a “why not” attitude, it led her to an unforgettable aspect of Bromfield that she wishes she had known of sooner. Also, Lana and Ally share that they have since gained more confidence from being a part of this production. Jack mentions this show being a “full circle moment” for him since he was in the school play in 3rd grade as well. He explains that the cast helped him become more of a team player and that he learned how to work well with all ages. CC has realized that acting taught her how to take on a new perspective which has helped her to learn a lot about herself. She has been acting since 4th grade and throughout the incredible journey has met many new friends. 


Any final thoughts?

It is clear that there is no lack of thanks to everyone who supported each of these actors along the way and made the whole production possible. CC says she will definitely miss everyone because the people are what made it truly special. Kai remarks that he is honestly glad it is over, but the whole experience made him feel more prepared and understood. Ally expresses that she fell upon such a fantastic community within her dwindling months at Bromfield, which led her to notice how much she was missing out on all these years. Siena shares that she is incredibly happy that she chose to be a part of the musical, as it was so much fun to her. Jack ultimately hopes that more kids end up doing theater at Bromfield. Finally, Lana ends with, “If you ever have an inkling just go for it. You might find a new passion.”

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