Ms. Bradley Discusses Formation of the “Anti-Vaping Task Force”


Matty Zobbi

Vaping is a very topical issue at the moment, and even Bromfield is not immune to these kinds of e-cigarettes.

Ms. Bradley is fast becoming a familiar face in the Bromfield hallways. It seems like she is always present, no matter where you go, smiling and waving to everyone. However, her job description is much more than simply being Bromfield’s handywoman. Many perceive vaping as an ongoing issue at Bromfield, and Ms. Bradley plays a crucial role in bringing her own unique perspective to its enforcement.

Popularly known as the “school mom,” she is in a very unusual position compared to the regular teachers, as she says her job description is open to interpretation: “At the end of [last year], I was thinking, ‘What’s my next year going to entail?’…and the the superintendent [Ms. Dwight] very kindly asked me, ‘Well, where do you see yourself fitting in?’” This led to Ms. Bradley being in her current position that she calls the “Monitor of the Vibe.” She explains, “[I was] seeing various needs all throughout the school…that were kind of falling through the cracks,” and she thinks that being a part of the new Anti-Vaping Task Force was a part of that. However, Ms. Bradley has a distinct approach to policing potential drug use at Bromfield. “I could see that it was needed for extra presence in kids’ lives…just kind of, ‘Hi, how are you?’ and ‘We see you,’ and ‘You’re known.’” Using her current position, she believes that she can stop potential vaping not through prosecution, but by stopping the problem at the source by guiding students in the right direction: “I think it’s not just about cutting off their vaping and getting them into trouble, I think it’s very much so about building relationships with people.” Combatting vaping requires an approach personalized to everyone, and Ms. Bradley recognizes that a student needs to make their own decisions regarding the issue. Ms. Bradley also hopes that other students can make a difference in preventing vaping on a large scale: “I see a lot of great kids out there, and I see a lot of great role models doing lots of great things…and I hope that those leaders would kind of step up to the plate and lead the way.”

Ms. Bradley admits that stopping students that already vape from continuing to make poor decisions is not really something she can stop: “If they’re going to vape, they’re going to vape, and I can’t necessarily stop them… I can’t control their actions.” But, Ms. Bradley still believes in everything she does, and will continue to wander the halls, being a friendly face to everyone. She clarifies, “…coming alongside. I think that’s what it’s all about…truly listening and truly understanding, and putting myself in kids’ shoes again.”