Mr. Greene Pursues a Variety of Goals for School Improvement

New Middle School Principal Discusses His Approach to Learning


Olivia Mueller-Juez

Mr. Greene offers a unique approach to administration at The Bromfield School.

Often, students see their principals as either pushovers or people who are extremely strict. However, Mr. Stephen Greene is neither of those things. He self-describes as “[the NBA] stats guy.” He wants to have fun, but if something goes wrong, he wants students to know that he can “steady the ship.” 

Growing up, Greene saw his father—a principal himself—as a “superhero” because of how he influenced many people’s lives. This led him to switch from a business major in college to education, where he worked at the organization Teach for America. The organization fast-tracked him through the Masters Program so that he could start teaching right away. He has worked in many different towns and cities, including Baltimore, East Boston, and Lowell. He has worked in many positions including being a Dean of Students in Mattapan, East Boston, and Lynn, MA.

In Greene’s first few days at Bromfield, he noticed the warmth of the community and how students seem to enjoy socializing. He also enjoys collaborating with Ms. Kim Murphy and thinks that Dr. Linda Dwight is “incredible.”

Greene has many goals for himself and for the school. He desires that all of the decisions involve the students, which includes his goals for equity in the curriculum. He wants students to read diverse books with diverse characters and endings. He also wants to introduce more connections between the middle and high schools. 

He values dynamic learning, which “is learning that engages multiple modes of learning, allows for student creativity and imagination, and focuses more on building understanding through experiences over written assessment.” For him, dynamic learning comes in the form of group assemblies. 

Greene has another goal: “I have a vibe goal [for the school]. … The school vibe is a family vibe. And I love the family vibe that’s not from a movie: I mean like a real one. I mean your actual feelings towards your cousins, aunties, sisters, whomever you have—brother?—you love them but you don’t like them all the time. That’s the beautiful part of a family.”

Greene is passionate about worldwide education of youth. In his pre-COVID travels, he discovered that many school-age kids wander aimlessly in towns around the world during school hours. It opened his eyes that not everyone has the privilege of going to school. In his mind, connecting with the world starts with education, and he wants to support that going forward.