When Things Go Wrong at Bromfield

Yep, I’m doing another one of these.

Sometimes, things go wrong. When that happens, people like to say “Oh, no.” But what does that mean for each class you’re in?

  • English: You probably just misheard someone. Pretty benign and boring.
  • ASL: If you’re speaking at all, something is very wrong.
  • Calculus: Someone has to redo a bunch of boring calculations. Hopefully, it’s not you.
  • Criminal Justice: Someone is probably getting arrested. Again, hopefully it’s not you.
  • Studio art: There aren’t any mistakes, only happy accidents.
  • P.E: Someone got something stuck in the ceiling. Fun!
  • Computer Science: Get ready to press undo. A lot.
  • Band: “Hey, what’s the dynamic – ” BWOOOOOOOOOMP
  • Statistics: You just accidentally cleared the memory on your TI-84.
  • Chemistry: Run. Or get in the chemical shower.