Reminiscing with Mrs. Correnty

Earlier this year, long-time elementary and middle school art teacher Sharon Chandler Correnty began her retirement, starting a new chapter of her life with her husband, also recently-retired chef Paul Correnty, otherwise known as Chef Paul.

With her newfound free time, Mrs. Correnty has switched from a part-time to full-time clothing designer, running her shop, Marigold, at the Prescott Community Center in Groton. She will soon be opening a studio extension where she will teach sewing classes, continuing her love for teaching art after her time at Bromfield. She and Chef Paul have also planted an all-natural dye garden, which she enjoys tending to and using for her clothing. She has always loved designing clothing, and she is appreciative of the self-paced schedule that being her own boss has allowed her. 

While Mrs. Correnty is very excited about new prospects for her and her business, she did not want to leave Bromfield when she did. Correnty has been battling some health issues in recent years, and though she loves the school’s workplace environment, living stress-free at a slower pace with time to relax is what’s best for her health and well-being at the moment.

When asked what she’d miss most about Bromfield, Mrs. Correnty responds, “I always just felt this kick in my step when I walked into school.” Correnty is a 1975 Bromfield graduate herself, and she has enjoyed the privilege of teaching at her alma mater and learning and taking part in new Bromfield traditions such as playing in the staff-senior basketball game, which she did her first year teaching at Bromfield. She jokes about Mr. Hoffman’s favorite catchphrase, “There’s no kid like a Bromfield kid!” saying that it always felt like a personal compliment as an alum.

Mrs. Correnty will also miss the social aspect of being an art teacher at Bromfield. She loves being goofy with students, calling her teaching time, “kind of like open mic every day.” She jokes that part of her personality has always been immature and she “never wanted to be an old person.” Bromfield students have kept her on her toes and feeling young!